What we do:

Whether it's for a home or business, we take a thoughtful and detailed approach to every project.  First off, we take the time to listen to your wants, needs, and budget.  We can then draw up an initial design/proposal based upon what we've learned.  We present this to you and, based upon your feedback, we will fine tune the design.  The result is a custom-tailored, sensible solution.

We can build these solutions for you or you can simply purchase the design.  We build as much of these systems at our facility as possible, as this is where we can be the most focused and efficient.  Once the system is assembled, updated, and tested it is then delivered your site.

Please note that we only integrate products that we sell into our designs and installations.


Existing Equipment Assistance Service

Our Existing Equipment Assistance Service (EEAS) is for home or business owners that may have purchased equipment elsewhere and are in need of support. We realize that not all companies service and support what they sell, so we’ve developed a program to help. Whether it’s troubleshooting or installation you need, our staff can help you utilize and enjoy your investment as originally intended. This service is billed on an hourly basis. No up-front design, proposals, or estimates are provided. If additional equipment or accessories are required, and not available at the time of the initial support visit, an additional trip may be required. Please call or email to request support. The more information you can gather prior to contact, the better (ie. make and model of equipment, detailed description of the issue, address, contact info, etc.).